Athlete's diary #17 Counting calories is important?

  • 05.12.2021
  • Hilton

Good day to all dear friends! Today I want to talk to you about the aspect that is very important in the process of creating and maintaining a healthy body - these are calories. I've heard it said many times that calories it is not necessary to count at all, in my opinion this is a very one-sided opinion because it is said by people who have achieved the results they were going to, they work hard in sports and otherwise do not spend a lot of time. I, on the other hand, always since I started living, and even now I realize that it is very important to me that my body is constantly being reminded of the essentials - calories, therefore, I try to remember to eat less and more often, and for practices sake. And as a result, I feel a sense of security knowing that I won't get hungry, that I will not become sluggish or fall sick, and that I will certainly not become sluggish or fall sick. I want to let me clarify one thing - all these exercises are necessary for a person's health, secondly, to distinguish between full-fledged and low-calorie workouts, and, finally, to distinguish between full-fledged and low-calorie activities. Activities that are considered "vacuuming up " calories are those that are intended for complete loss of weight and strength, and as for me they are difficult to stop. Therefore, if you decide to lose weight, then it is better to reduce your physical activity to a minimum, and then increase it if necessary. I can recommend the following: Meditrax - this is a cardio machine that replicates the effect of walking (albeit at a slower pace). It has a timer, which it alternates between charging and not charging. You can set the intensity of your workout according to your own conditions, and the machine will continue to speed up or slow down depending on the intensity of your load. Minus350 calories in an hour of activity, you can achieve the same result as training with endurance.Etc. etc. etc. etc. If you like the article, then put and subscribe to mine, leave comments, and I will delight you with new interesting content.