Yandex maps adding to your Joomla site. - Zh YandexMap

Zh YandexMap component for displaying Yandex maps on your Joomla site.

Nowadays you can use the following features:

  • Creation of maps;
  • Creation of  placemarks tied to a map ( there is option to choose marks’ design and type);
  • Opportunity to choose map management elements;
  • Map API key is indicated in component settings (Options). Several API keys should be inputted using tilde ~;
  • Traffic jam layer is available;
  • Route drawing according to its key points;
  •  Construction of polylines of any form on a map (e.g. how to get desired location);
  • Opportunity to include category in case you need systematization;
  • You can use own pictures for markers;
  • Markers grouping;
  • Markers displaying depending on zoom.

YandexMaps is well known in Runet  because this component solves the problem of map inserting into Joomla site.