Google Maps embedding into your Joomla site. - Zh GoogleMap

Zh GoogleMap extension is designed for Joomla CMS to display Google Maps on your site.

Zh GoogleMap features:

  • Google Maps displaying including all settings;
  • Map inserting with coordinates interface;
  • Coordinate markers adding (including markers and icons options);
  • Directions API usage;
  • Paths can be displayed on your map (eg. How to get to your destination place);
  • API v3 technology implementation which excludes necessity of API key in order to display your map;
  • Map displaying control;
  • Different layers can be used such as “bicycle” or “foot”.
  • You can enter the category you want to arrange;
  • Use of own photos for markers;
  • KLM layer displaying;
  • Clusterer marker;
  • Marker manager ( displays different markers depending on map scale);
  • Google Earth application;
  • OpenStreetMap layer  access;
  • New Zealand topographic map;
  • Places Library;
  • Panoramio  Library;
  • Elevation API;
  • Contact info can be added;
  • Google Infographics (Dynamic Icons);
  • Custom map types can be added and used;
  • Projection interface can be used for custom maps;
  • Variety of map styles.

This powerful component can be useful for different kinds of sites (eg. Travel agency, social network or real estate agency).