Directory constructor - SobiPro

SobiPro is a powerful  directory extension  for Joomla. This components allows to easily and fast create business directories of any subject and structure.

SobiPro  sections
One of the distinctive features of SobiPro is the ability to  create different directories with multiple settings  and various fields.  It means that your directory can include cell phones, furniture, kittens and fruits and each of these sections will be unique by structure.

SobiPro categories
Any nesting level for categories. What is more comfortable is that you can present any item in several categories without being copied in admin panel.

Site visitors are able to add own records into catalogue after admin approval. Each field in entry form is created by an admin. It can be text, image or multimedia site. In addition some fields can be payable , for example a link field to an organization site.  Without payment this filed won't be active.

SobiPro custom fields
Administrators can create custom fields of different types in accordance with specific needs of your site or users. One can create various field types such as list, radio button, image, URL, email, etc.  It's possible to indicate a field as required and show payment volume for information placement in this field.

SobiPro templates
Fully managed templates and interface. One can manually edit each design file of any directory element without logging out from admin panel.

SobiPro advanced search form
Component assists in searching within any directory field. It means you can create search page yourself. In addition one can set priority of each field that is what should be searched at the first place, at the second etc.

Access Control List (ACL)
SobiPro ACL without changing security rules of Joomla allows to change access level of different user groups to various fields and directory sections.

SobiPro applications
Application manager is built in this component.  You can view all SobiPro extensions and install them from the site at the same time. For example you can add new language or menu sections module.

SobiPro Alpha Menu
Alphabet filter is a very useful feature. User should simply click necessary letter that will create information listing that begins with this letter.