Insert a photo gallery inside your page - Simple Image Gallery

Simple Image Gallery (plugin): mini gallery that can be easily added inside your Joomla page.

Simple Image Gallery plugin assists in easy creation of a gallery inside Joomla pages.

This plugin transforms any image folder on your Joomla site into gallery. Thumbnails with lightbox preview are created automatically. Such gallery can be added with the following tag- {gallery}myphotos{/gallery}.

For example, if you have a folder which is called "my_dogs", located in  images/stories/my_dogs  you should add  {gallery}my_dogs{/gallery}  tag into any Joomla article in order to create a gallery.

Gallery thumbnails have frames and background. When a visitor clicks on a thumbnail he sees original image in a lightbox popup. Thumbnails are generated and cached using PHP for fast downloading.

Simple Image Gallery advantages:

  • No need for additional gallery component for displaying several images.
  • No need to ask visitors to click on link to view all the photos.
  • You can focus more attention on content because of the easy-to-manage image system.

Plugin is perfectly fit for news portals with several images inside article or such sites like "blog" needing fast publication of photos that were made last weekend.

Simple Image Gallery allows you to create any number of galleries inside your site as well as one site page.

If a folder with images is located not in a place indicated in plugin settings on default  you should indicate a path to this folder  from site root , e.g. {gallery}folder/subfolder/othersubfolder{/gallery}, or change a path to root folder with images in plugin settings.

Simple Image Gallery uses "Slimbox" that displays original image with attractive effect and thumbing feature.