Mini gallery with multiple display parameters - Sigplus Image Gallery Plus

Sigplus gallery is a simple way of adding image gallery to an article using a common tag. Gallery presents well-known lightbox effect, it means that after clicking thumbnail its original image appears in a pop-up window without leaving the current page.

Sigplus is a free gallery that includes all properties of its paid analogs and you don't need to purchase membership in order to use it.

Sigplus gallery properties:

  • There is a large choice of pop-up windows including well-known Slimbox, prettyPhoto, FancyBox and boxplus (especially designed for sigplus);
  • There is a wide range of thumbnails display types- image slider/carousel/rotator;
  • There is possibility to change number of images and columns on a page;
  • Different image formats are supported- JPG, PNG and GIF (including transparent);
  • Automatic thumbnail generation with cropping and centering features;
  • Image load optimization feature;
  • Several galleries can be used for one page;
  • Multilingual;
  • Search engine friendly (one can add titles and detailed description to each image );
  • Right-to-left language support;
  • Download option to save high-resolution image type;
  • Support of such custom styles as frames, borders, margins, opacity, animation delay etc.;
  • Sort criteria support  ( file title, time of last modification and random order );
  • Large gallery support ( 100 and more images in one gallery);
  • 100% validation and correspondence with CSS and JavaScript, XHTML 1.0 and 1.1, WCAG v2 AAA;
  • Default global settings for the entire site and opportunity to change any specific parameter of any page;
  • Gallery access restrictions and so on. 

Sigplus requirements:

  • PHP version 5.1 or later;
  • Your server support of GD or ImageMagick libraries;
  • JSON support (needed only for some additional features).

Sigplus plugin (plg_sigplus) contains all necessary files for sigplus. Once plg_sigplus has been enabled, you can use sigplus module (mod_sigplus) as an addition to a plugin.

Sigplus  usage:

  1. Create a folder for images to be added to the article in the folder /images/stories and call it for example "my folder";
  2. Upload images (.jpg, .png , or .gif) into it from your computer;
  3. Insert tags {gallery}myfolder{/gallery} in any place of the site article and save the article. Gallery will appear in the place of tag insertion.

Sigplus usage examples:

Manual redefining of parameters  that are specified by default in plug-in settings  can be fulfilled in the following way: {gallery id=birds rows=2 cols=3 width=100 height=100 crop=1 labels=captions alignment=center orientation=horizontal buttons=0 links=0 counter=0 overlay=1}sigplus/birds{/gallery}

Descriptions to images are added by default in labels.txt file that should be inserted into folder with images.

01.jpg|I'm on the beach
02.jpg|I'm on the plane
03.jpg|I'm on the glade
04.jpg|I'm on the pub table
05.jpg|I'm on the hot girl

Image title and description can be defined by parameters deftitle, defdescription.

{gallery layout=flow}fruit{/gallery} - displays images in several rows if they don't go into one row. Layout parameters - [fixed|flow].

{gallery rows=2 cols=3}fruit{/gallery} -  displays images in table with 2 rows and 3 columns.

{gallery rows=2 cols=3 maxcount=5}fruit{/gallery} -  displays only 5 thumbnail.

{gallery crop=1}fruit{/gallery} - automatically crops photos in order all thumbnails to have similar size.

{gallery alignment=left-float}fruit{/gallery} – gallery left aligning. Alignment parameters- [left|center|right|before|after|left-float|right-float|before-float|after-float|left-clear|right-clear|before-clear|after-clear]

{gallery lightbox="boxplus/darksquare"}fruit{/gallery} -    displays images in pop-up window adding dark theme. Parameters- [none|boxplus|fancybox|prettyphoto|sexylightbox|slimbox|slimbox2]

{gallery slideshow=4000}fruit{/gallery} – adds slideshow button showing images with 4- second delay.

{gallery slider=boxplus.slider}fruit{/gallery} – uses boxplus slider. Parameters- [none|boxplus.slider|boxplus.carousel|boxplus.transition]

{gallery orientation=vertical}fruit{/gallery} – slider vertical orientation. Parameters- [horizontal|vertical]

{gallery navigation=bottom}fruit{/gallery} – navigation bar bottom position. Parameters- [bottom|top|both]

{gallery buttons=0}fruit{/gallery} – hides navigation buttons.

{gallery links=0}fruit{/gallery} – hides navigation links.

{gallery overlay=1}fruit{/gallery} – navigation buttons overlay images.

{gallery margin=4}fruit{/gallery} – adds margin around the border of an image.

{gallery borderwidth=1 borderstyle=dotted bordercolor="000000"}fruit{/gallery} – border management. Parameters of borderstyle - [default|none|dotted|dashed|solid|double|groove|ridge|inset|outset]

{gallery padding=2}fruit{/gallery} – padding from border to outer objects.