16.01.2012 10:55
JComments extension has been updated (Latest version JComments
13.01.2012 15:15
Joomla WYSIWYG editors - JCE and JoomlaCK is now updated to the latest versions.
05.05.2009 10:53
Virtuemart is now updated to the latest 1.3.3 version. This version includes security update and a number of fixes, available in Joomla-Builder.  
02.05.2009 18:23
Latest security patch for Joomla was added to Joomla-Builder to provide safe web building experience for our users. Old users may acquire the new build to keep their favourite builds refreshed and up-to-date.  
02.05.2009 18:20
AJAX Shoutbox Chat and Webamoeba Ticket System have been added into the Joomla-Builder list of supported extensions.
27.03.2009 09:49
Joomla-Builder now contains updated version of Joomla Content Editor. Existing builds can be updated by downloading the update from The update contains a number of useful fixes and additions, such as TinyMice editor upgrade, PDF support by media p...
02.03.2009 13:37
Joomla-Builder now includes a new unversal component which allows you to add tags to your articles: Custom Properties. It includes tag assignment component, tag search module and tag cloud module. Now you can go beyond Joomla's two-level content system. The component was created by Solid Systems (ht...
09.02.2009 11:06
A good news for people who want to take a closer look at Joomla-Builder beforemaking a purchase. Here is a downloadable sample package, which includes components that someone might select for his File Archive site: This Joom...
02.02.2009 20:36
Search Engine Keywords Highlight for Joomla is added. Supports the following search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Live, Ask, Baidu.
28.01.2009 11:16
We are proud to present a new member of Joomla-Builder!SOBI 2 - Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 is a directory component for the WCMS Mambo and Joomla! to show entries of companies, clubs, persons, shops, products, aso. The entries are divided into categories, which can contain subcategories. One en...
28.01.2009 11:14
Community Builder is a well-known component which makes it possible to turn your site into community. Now users can have their own pages and manage their content, avatars etc. CB also includes a configurable registration form.
28.01.2009 11:12
GTranslate is now available in Joomla-Builder. It allows on-the-fly page translation with Google Translate service. It contributes to site promotion by enchancing its SEO characteristics. And of source, GTranslate makes your site more available for users searching for it in different languages.
28.01.2009 11:09
We try to provide the most up-to-date updates. Undoubtedly, Joomla 1.5.9 security update is very important and we have included it into our builds for you.
28.01.2009 11:07
PhotoSlide GK2 is one of the most advanced free Joomla extensions. You can display your articles, photos and events as slideshows. The extension includes all necessary modules making your site design even better.
28.01.2009 11:05
Phoca Gallery has been added. It is one of the best Joomla 1.5 galleries. Supports multiple albums, random pictures, slideshow, categories etc.
28.01.2009 10:59
Dear Joomla-Builder users! If you have any ideas about what extensions should be added into Joomla-Builder, please be sure to leave your comments on our Forum.
28.01.2009 10:58
Congratulations! Now site builder for sites based on Joomla! CMS 1.5.x is open. From now on, everyone who cares about saving his time and wants to use experience accumulated by Joomla! CMS professionals, can be able to create his own builds of practically any kind in mere seconds.
17.01.2009 12:39
English Joomla-Builder start!
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