Joomla-Builder FAQ

19.12.2011 22:05

What is Joomla-Builder?

Joomla-Builder – is online tool for web developers to create their own CMS Joomla! installation (build). It is capable of including necessary components on the fly, for instance Forum, Gallery or Online Shop. It’s a sort of tuned Joomla-car. Things become quite convenient when you can just click necessary components and then the online form generates a link to a new Joomla build with these components.

The idea behind Joomla-Builder seemed interesting to us, taking into accout the amount of time which members of Joomla community spend installing necessary components into the basic version of Joomla. Considering that the list of such components is quite standard, we had decided to make a sort of online menu, where you can order components of your build and download it instantly.

The components have been selected based on our own experience and tested in practice. On the other hand, different specialists may have different ideas about Joomla ingredients. In other words, Joomla-Builder is the tool for making Joomla builds that allows optional inclusion of necessary components.

What components can I include via Joomla-Builder?

Since during development of Joomla-Builder we thought about ourselves ;), we have included a set of packages that covers the needs of Joomla developer rather comprehensively. Which means your build can include Forum, Online Shop, Gallery, and also a number of small yet so necessary mambots and modules. Currently, it’s possible to include FireBoard, DatsoGallery, Virtuemart, mod_sape, mod_html, mambot all_videos etc.

How to use Joomla-Builder?

The whole interface consists of just one form. You will toggle checkboxes in front of component names and then click the Build button to generate your build. In less then a munite you will see a link to your downloadable Joomla build. This build should be installed the same way as standard Joomla. The only difference is that after installation is complete it will already contain pre-installed components (visible in the Admin panel). Additionally, /jb/chmod folder will contain information which folders/files need to have some specific permissions.

Does Joomla-Builder contain commercial components?

This version contains free components only. It’s a know fact that people prefer free components, and commercial components are used more rarely and possibly there is no special need to automate them. May be it’s a wrong assumption, any ideas and opinions about this on our forum are welcome!

Are components from your list subject to permission-related problems?

No, if the correct rights are specified. The list of files that need to have some special permissions (usually write permission) is stored in /jb/chmod”folder. We plan to make this process more transparent

Where do I find the list of Joomla! extensions used in Joomla-Builder?

The list is available right in Joomla-Builder form on the front page. The extensions are categorized and provided with short descriptions. More details descriptions pop up when mouse is over the extension you’re insterested in.

What should I do next after I’ve dowloaded the archived installaion?

You should install Joomla the way it’s done usually.

  1. Unpack all the files into the root folder of your server.
  2. Create a database, if it doesn’t exist. DB user must have full permissions for this database.
  3. Put site URL in browser’s address bar, access installation page and follow instructions that you will see.
  4. Visit the Admin Panel and check if folder permissions are sufficient in Help/System Information/Folder Permissions.

That’s it, the system is up and running, you may configure your site and use it.

I have a question that is not covered by this FAQ. Where do I ask it?

You may ask your questions on our Forum. English and Russian sections are available.