Comments on pages - JComments

JComments — comment extension for Joomla

Jcomments is a comment extension focused on site materials commentation. It includes wide range of settings, AJAX support, rights separation, and other.

JComments features:

  • Opportunity to enable and disable comments for particular site categories.
  • User rights management such as auto publication, comments deletion, view, captcha, fields for filling in info and other.
  • Spam and flood protection.
  • Notification option about new comments.
  • RSS, comments subscription.
  • Possibility to edit comments from front-end.
  • Comments pagination and  customization of its parameters.
  • Settings for comments order on a page, e.g. from oldest to newest and vice versa.
  • Possibility to display smiles in comments, code management for inserting smiles automatically.
  • BBCode with access rights settings to different BB tags.
  • Hot keys for sending comments and BBcode.
  • AJAX support means comments creation, deletion and editing  without page reloading.
  • Comments management for different groups of users.
  • RSS feed option for all comments as well as for comments referring to a particular material.
  • Customizable comments view on a page, template support.
  • Automatic  Cyrillic  translit.
  • Allows to set required comments fields to either Optional or Required Comment for different groups of users.
  • Obscene words filter.
  • Jcomments supports multilingual sites (russian, ukrainian, belorussian, bulgarian, english, german, greek, hebrew,  latish).
  • Search plugin allows searching within comments.

Additional features of JComments:

  • Replacement of repeated words.
  • Allows to limit username length.
  • Prohibition of some users' name.
  • Maximum comment length option.
  • Automatic selection of  external links.
  • Comments similarity verification.
  • E-mail address protection from spam bots.
  • Built-in protection from long titles and links in order not to damage website design.
  • Nested quotation usage.
  • Automatic deletion of prohibited code in comments.
  • Data comment import from 16 different components makes JComments transfer easier.
  • JComments can be integrated into 27 most popular components.

JComments is the best comment component for Joomla which was developed by our compatriot and became the most popular extension of this kind. JComments is free. But it's better than any other paid comment component by its parameters and options.