File manager for Joomla - eXtplorer

eXtplorer - file manager designed for Joomla site admins.  This component allows you to manage your files and folders on server. You can use such files and directories operations as delete, copy, create new, change access rights, archive packing and unpacking etc.

eXtplorer features:

  • Copy and move files and directories;
  • Drop down menu usage;
  • Dynamic directory tree, subdirectories loading;
  • File editing  ( syntax highlighting );
  • Rename, delete and create new files and directories;
  • Access to files via FTP or using PHP (makes site access managing possible);
  • Files upload and download;
  • Creation and unpacking of archives (ZIP, Tar, Tar / GZ, TAR / BZ).

It supports management of users with different access permission levels, for example "View only" or "Edit" or "Admin".

eXtplorer can be very useful for admins as it provides access to site files and directories as well as opportunity to change them directly from admin panel.