News Display Module - DisplayNews by BK

DisplayNews by BK has an accurate display news customization. It perfectly  supplements display news module with sections and categories as it allows to customize content display in definite order and  of definite type.
DisplayNews by BK is  flexible for customization Joomla module that allows you to display news according to your parameters.

It helps to:

  • Identify title type, content quantity, display order, marking method, columns quantity, link prompts.
  • Choose sections, author, date for articles to be displayed, key words, display access parameters.
  • Manage title / text size and image inserting.
  • Change image size automatically (crop or reduce).
  • Display sections and categories in modules with links.
  • Create scrolling, pop-up windows.
  • Customize display template- date, time, author, styles.

These are only partial features proposed by this module. After familirization with it you will be able to create attractive news and article blocks in your site.