A simple and attractive Joomla forum! - Discussions

Discussions – forum for Joomla that includes both basic feature kit and some additional features helpful for users.

System requirements: PHP5.2 or higher

Discussions forum peculiarities:

  • Built-in private messaging;
  • User profile including avatar, signature, city, country, Facebook, Twitter and much more;
  • Moderators and moderating features (locking , delete,  move and sticky  message function );
  • SEO settings-  changeable standard settings such as title, description and key words;
  • Image upload (displayed in a popup, Slimbox, RokBox or YOOeffects);
  • AEC support;
  • Flickr images embedded in posts (jump to flickr or view in Slimbox );
  • YouTube video, embedded posts;
  • Language files for frontend and backend;
  • Customizable date and time format;
  • Newbie mode. Number of posts from registered users to be moderated;
  • Notifications for moderators (if a user or newbie writes a post);
  • Social Media code support (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Flattr, ...)
  • HTML boxes at the top and bottom of page (e.g.  banner);
  • Specific boxes for particular banners (at the top and bottom);
  • Private forums that can be viewed only by moderators.
  • Primezilla Private Messaging support.

Easy–to-manage and configurable forum. It will fit for those, who aims to create prompt discussions on different topics in a website. Forum posts can be displayed according to time periods, e.g. posts that are active during last 4 hours.