Content Construction Kit - Cobalt 7

Cobalt 7 - Joomla! ® CCK component

7 years - 7th generation of free CCK exclusively for Joomla 2.5

Cobalt 7 opens incredible possibilities for constructing your website. You can build almost anything: File downloads, gallery, blog, forum, support desk or private ticket system, real estate or auto market, job board or e-commerce product catalog!!!

Flexible CCK

Cobalt has as of now very advanced fields done to perfection. 

Uploads, Gallery, Image, Video, Audio, 4 Relation fields, Address, Map, Email and Mail, Date & Time, Telephone, Digits and much more. All fields are highly customizable to work the way you want  and expect them to perform. 

All fields are editable and will always give you more than you expect.

Notification System

This modern style notification system allows users  subscribing to articles or section/categories and being notified on any occurring event. iPhone or Facebook style notifications will not allow your customers to miss any important activity and actually will act as a tool to involve your customers deeper to your site.


Allows you to submit, handle, search, display and filter different content types of data within the same section/category. 

For example, if you have same fields (such as “YEAR”) within different content types, Cobalt will organize them intelligently in one column, while using it also as a filter element in the advanced search which will search/find all records of combined types. Furthermore, fields can be sorted by your preference, while automatically ordering them properly, even with mixed content types.  

Content Relationships

Cobalt 7 allows you to create “ONE-TO-MANY” or “MANY-TO-MANY” relationship between and among content types. 

For example: Authors -< Albums or Actors >-< Movies. 

You can add as many relations to one content type as you wish.   

Search & Filtering System

Cobalt 7 supports a FULL TEXT search system. This FULL TEXT search system allows you to search phrases, individual words, and even include or exclude words from the search with the “+” or “–“ symbols. You can configure how your search should behave.

Most of the fields have additional filtering capabilities tailored to their content type. Through this system, you will be able to create advanced searches, and drill down up to the expected result. There’s even more fun for the Address field with its distant radius search and Google Maps integration . (Example: Show all Hospitals within 30km radius)


High performance is one of our main concerns, Optimizing the database structure and by profiling the queries we are now proud of what we achieved so far. In one of our installations, we were able to display a listing of 20 articles/page (including different relations per article) out of ~ 80,000 records within 1 second.

Yet we are still improving the speed for every next release. 


Users submit from frontend. Users can even create their own categories and have their own home pages. Expect even more functionalities with the upcoming Cobalt 8!

Comment System

Cobalt 7 has an advanced built-in comment system, along with the ability to use any other system like discuss, facebook comments, intense debate or Joomla native comments.

Rating System

Cobalt 7 supports 3 different calculating modes to provide the best possible way for any situation. This can also be used as a standard for multiple property ratings.

Mobile Enhancements

Cobalt 7 can show QR codes everywhere  – on your emails, telephones, google map locations and address encoded as MECARD.

Google maps

Cobalt 7 allows full Google map integration: show records on the map, set marker icons, marker clustering, include articles in marker balloons, and radius distant search. 

Templates Powered

Every record list or record display uses templates which can be managed through a Template Manager. You can copy/rename any template and set or modify it for any particular type or section and purpose.

Templates are the real power of Cobalt. You can do and achieve anything within your imagination.  

Create your own Youtube, Calendar, Ticket system, even a very advanced forum system.. There is no limitations through the use of individual templates combined with the power of our flexible fields.


Moderator Manager

Cobalt 7 allows you to easily set any users as moderator to any section, and fine-tune his permissions through predefined rules..

SSI (Simple Sale Interface)

With this SSI and other Cobalt features, just turn your website into a multi-vendor product catalog with Buy Now selling style. Sell files downloads, vouchers or serial numbers, tangible products or simple get donations.