About us

19.12.2011 21:59

Joomla-Builder is the first known Internet service dedicated to building Joomla-based site installation package online. Joomla! is one of the most popular, convenient and reliable site management systems. We've tried to select the best Joomla extensions for our builder.

If you're planning to create a site based on a good system and save your time, all you need to do is just to make a few clicks and get a result on which even experienced professionals typically spend pretty much time.

The main advantages of this project are these:

  1. The builder contains the latest and the best of reliable Joomla extensions.
  2. Time spent on building installation package is at least several times less than when you do it all by yourself. This is so because you don't have to search for each extension, make fixes in it, search for suggestions and recommendations on numerous forums etc. All this job is done by professionals, which continue to do it for your profit.
  3. Such an environment allows you to store and improve extensions that have already been tested and even fix bugs that aren't yet included into coming release of given extension. Joomla-Builder is a kind of OS for Joomla! extensions.
  4. The Joomla-Builder form itself is convenient: by taking a quick look into it you will become familiar with the list of most required Joomla extensions. The list will grow based on your recommendations.
  5. Installing Joomla with all required components is not always easy on many hostings. This requires some piece of "manual work" that professionals have to do. Sometimes you can install/run a component only after you make some manual changes inside mysql database or after manual upload of some files. We dare to say that some of given extensions can not be installed automatically on some servers, while Joomla-Builder allows you to forget about such things.
  6. Joomla-Builder solves a number of permission-related problems. All the files you load are owned by one user - you. Otherwise, if you install, say, online shop using Joomla installer, it's not guaranteed you will be able to quickly modify some graphic file in it.
  7. That fact that all the files are owned by just one user increases the overall security of your system in general.

In other words, with Joomla-Builder you save your time!